Sweatpants VS Suits – How you can increase your sales?

Sweatpants VS Suits – How you can increase your sales?

So, this might be a men-only article because we are trying to explain how they can improve their business, their chances of success and obviously sales. You might be wondering why I am doing it, so here’s the answer.

I was reading a great case-study and experiment. Basically, those people wanted to find out if your clothing makes any difference in your business outcome or not. So, they gathered 128 men with different income level and they were all young. They decided to let them deal with customers.

128 men divided into groups. One group in sweatpants and another group in suits. And they were shocked to see the outcome over the period which proved that your appearance and clothing can decide whether your business is going to be successful, or it will be a flop.

The experiment revealed a significant difference in sales between those two groups. Suit group outranked sweatpants people and therefore, it proved that Suit is more valuable than sweatpants especially if you’re in factory business field.

According to the reports,

“The negotiators were each given a fair-market value for the hypothetical factory, along with other information that would influence their decisions about opening bids and asking prices. In the end, the suits proved much less willing to concede ground during the negotiations, moving off their initial offer by an average of only $830,000, compared with $2.81 million for those in sweatpants and $1.58 million for the neutrals.”

Nice clothes are keys to success in business. It doesn’t mean that you should always wear a suit when doing market dealing. Rather, you should choose because every situation is different than the other.

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