Should You Buy Expensive Clothes or Prefer Cheap Over Expensive?

Should You Buy Expensive Clothes or Prefer Cheap Over Expensive?

People often think that expensive means high quality, and every time they say this, I disagree on the spot because it is not the cost which determines the quality. It is the quality which determines the cost, therefore, you should change your way of thinking or else, sellers will really love you.

I remember when I was in the clothes shop and the shop owner kept showing me the expensive clothes which don’t even match up with my personality neither look of high quality. He was insisting me that “Sir, look! The brand name is here” etc crap and I was like “WTH, should I buy trash just because it has their logo?”

I’ve seen people sacrificing beautiful clothes just because they are cheap, and they prefer expensive clothes just because of the brand name. Do you want to show off like how rich you are? or you just want to look attractive and great personality?

It is up-to you to decide. As for myself, I always prefer the clothes which suit on my face and personality. No matter if the brand is low-class or high-class. You can always hide the logo if it’s not on the front (in case if you shy to purchase low-cost brand clothes)

Girls want high-class brand bikinis but why? does their name show up on your chest? What do you want to prove actually?

The beauty lies in simplicity. At least it’s true for my case. My advice for you is to look for beautiful clothes without confusing yourself with brand names or else you’ll lose all of your savings on trash.

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