Dressing Up Better Than 25% – What does it mean?

Dressing Up Better Than 25% – What does it mean?

I am sure that many of the people use these types of terms that you must dress better than at-least 25% of people, and you are left alone, scratching your head to figure out what does it mean actually, right? Today, I’ll clear up your confusion and I’ll try to keep my points general which could apply to both, men and women equally!

If you are a sensible person, you might have noticed a lot of people who don’t even care if their dress is pressed or not, they wear such dresses and go out for formal events, then what happens? They feel that the meeting didn’t reach to their expectation in terms of respect and love.

Some people even start to make fun of such people. Pressing your clothes is not the only thing, it is one of those things that you must pay attention to.

Another thing that makes you better than 25% of people is polished shoes. If you’re going to a formal event and you’re wearing pant and shirt, then only shoes will suit you best. To stand above the others, you’ll have to pay attention to your appearance, like how you look. Take your time and stand in front of the mirror to find out what lacks within you.

And the third thing which makes difference is, watch in your hand. It is not a must-have accessory though, but if you have a dashing watch, then you should really consider to wear it because it gives a pleasant impression to the latter about you.

So, these are the basic things that people advise you when they use such 25% terms etc. I hope that I cleared up some confusion.

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