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6 Dressing Tips To Improve Your Chances Of Success:

6 Dressing Tips To Improve Your Chances Of Success:

No matter what you think of clothes and appearance, it won’t change the fact that your appearance plays a vital role in your success, whether in business, the workplace of married life. Your appearance disclose half of your performance, and imagine when you go for an interview and you lose 50% of your chances just because of your appearance? It doesn’t sound good.

If you’re a business woman, you must dress according to your industry level. And if you’re married, then you must dress up so that your husband could feel attraction towards you.

I want to give you a few tips of dressing that can change your course of life! I’d relate it to business or workplace because I am sure that you will get advice from your husband if you’re already married.


6 Dressing Tips To Improve Your Chances Of Success:


  1. Analyze What Is Best Suited For Your Work Type

Some companies prefer to see you wear specific colors while other companies are okay with you dressing any sensible clothes. So, you’ll first have to analyze which type of cloth is best suited for you. It may be long or may be shorter ones.

  1. Choose To Wear Fit Clothes ONLY!

I’ve seen a lot of people who don’t really pay attention to the size of their clothes and wear anything they get. If your clothes are too long as compared to your body, it will appear as if you’re going to bed for sleep. And if your clothes are too short which exposes your body, it will make you look as if you’re going to some fashion show. Beauty lies in fit clothes.

  1. Choose Beautiful Glasses That Fit Your Dress Color

If you need glasses to wear while working like if your eyes are weak, then you should choose the best match color according to your clothes. It will make you look beautiful and your interviewer will be impressed by your personality.

  1. Pay Attention To Your Hairs

If you ask me what attracts men more to women, I’d say that it’s their good looking hairs. Stylish hairs give beautiful look to your face and you become more attractive.

  1. Avoid Strong Perfume!

It is not really good to wear strong perfume because if you ask me, I start to feel pain if the perfume smells too strong. And if you’re at the workplace, your partners might complain to the boss about you wearing strong perfumes which will do nothing but harm your reputation.

Dressing Up Better Than 25% – What does it mean?

Dressing Up Better Than 25% – What does it mean?

I am sure that many of the people use these types of terms that you must dress better than at-least 25% of people, and you are left alone, scratching your head to figure out what does it mean actually, right? Today, I’ll clear up your confusion and I’ll try to keep my points general which could apply to both, men and women equally!

If you are a sensible person, you might have noticed a lot of people who don’t even care if their dress is pressed or not, they wear such dresses and go out for formal events, then what happens? They feel that the meeting didn’t reach to their expectation in terms of respect and love.

Some people even start to make fun of such people. Pressing your clothes is not the only thing, it is one of those things that you must pay attention to.

Another thing that makes you better than 25% of people is polished shoes. If you’re going to a formal event and you’re wearing pant and shirt, then only shoes will suit you best. To stand above the others, you’ll have to pay attention to your appearance, like how you look. Take your time and stand in front of the mirror to find out what lacks within you.

And the third thing which makes difference is, watch in your hand. It is not a must-have accessory though, but if you have a dashing watch, then you should really consider to wear it because it gives a pleasant impression to the latter about you.

So, these are the basic things that people advise you when they use such 25% terms etc. I hope that I cleared up some confusion.

3 Reasons Why You Should Pay Attention To Your Dressing/Clothing!

3 Reasons Why You Should Pay Attention To Your Dressing/Clothing!

I thought that I will write about this subject because I see many people are upset because they are either jobless or facing some personality respect problems. And when they come in front of me, I say, OH GOD! Who will respect you enough if your clothing is not perfect? Why do you expect the interviewer to appoint you as a worker if you don’t have senses of how to dress according to the occasion/situation?

When I say to them that they should improve their dressing, then I get overloaded with questions like why I should listen to you. Well, I don’t want you to listen to me, I’m just going to point out a few reasons why you should dress up according to the situation for your own good, not me.


# 1 – Appearance Shows Your Expected Performance During The Work!

Well, if you are dressing t shirts while interview and wonder why the interviewer is staring at your dressing, then you are at a mistake. Because, no wonder that he is staring at you, as you are dressing as if you’re in some informal place with friends etc.

When you’re going to interview, you should make sure that your shirt color is dark enough, and your tie is according to your height. Shirt, tie and dress pant, these three things are more than important, and if you are lacking in these things, then don’t expect the interviewer to call you back!


# 2 –  Your Work Partners Will Like To Cooperate With You!

Now suppose that you’re already appointed as a worker, and you start dressing good clothes, it will lead you to make more relations with your co-workers and they’ll cooperate with you because every person likes to make a good friend which is good looking or look at-least reasonable.


# 3 – You Will Attract More Friends!

People will die hard to make friendship with you because you’d look a beautiful, good-looking and sensible person to them. It will lead to respectful life and therefore, your worries will start to disappear.

Should You Buy Expensive Clothes or Prefer Cheap Over Expensive?

Should You Buy Expensive Clothes or Prefer Cheap Over Expensive?

People often think that expensive means high quality, and every time they say this, I disagree on the spot because it is not the cost which determines the quality. It is the quality which determines the cost, therefore, you should change your way of thinking or else, sellers will really love you.

I remember when I was in the clothes shop and the shop owner kept showing me the expensive clothes which don’t even match up with my personality neither look of high quality. He was insisting me that “Sir, look! The brand name is here” etc crap and I was like “WTH, should I buy trash just because it has their logo?”

I’ve seen people sacrificing beautiful clothes just because they are cheap, and they prefer expensive clothes just because of the brand name. Do you want to show off like how rich you are? or you just want to look attractive and great personality?

It is up-to you to decide. As for myself, I always prefer the clothes which suit on my face and personality. No matter if the brand is low-class or high-class. You can always hide the logo if it’s not on the front (in case if you shy to purchase low-cost brand clothes)

Girls want high-class brand bikinis but why? does their name show up on your chest? What do you want to prove actually?

The beauty lies in simplicity. At least it’s true for my case. My advice for you is to look for beautiful clothes without confusing yourself with brand names or else you’ll lose all of your savings on trash.

Good Bye!


Sweatpants VS Suits – How you can increase your sales?

Sweatpants VS Suits – How you can increase your sales?

So, this might be a men-only article because we are trying to explain how they can improve their business, their chances of success and obviously sales. You might be wondering why I am doing it, so here’s the answer.

I was reading a great case-study and experiment. Basically, those people wanted to find out if your clothing makes any difference in your business outcome or not. So, they gathered 128 men with different income level and they were all young. They decided to let them deal with customers.

128 men divided into groups. One group in sweatpants and another group in suits. And they were shocked to see the outcome over the period which proved that your appearance and clothing can decide whether your business is going to be successful, or it will be a flop.

The experiment revealed a significant difference in sales between those two groups. Suit group outranked sweatpants people and therefore, it proved that Suit is more valuable than sweatpants especially if you’re in factory business field.

According to the reports,

“The negotiators were each given a fair-market value for the hypothetical factory, along with other information that would influence their decisions about opening bids and asking prices. In the end, the suits proved much less willing to concede ground during the negotiations, moving off their initial offer by an average of only $830,000, compared with $2.81 million for those in sweatpants and $1.58 million for the neutrals.”

Nice clothes are keys to success in business. It doesn’t mean that you should always wear a suit when doing market dealing. Rather, you should choose because every situation is different than the other.