3 Reasons Why You Should Pay Attention To Your Dressing/Clothing!

3 Reasons Why You Should Pay Attention To Your Dressing/Clothing!

I thought that I will write about this subject because I see many people are upset because they are either jobless or facing some personality respect problems. And when they come in front of me, I say, OH GOD! Who will respect you enough if your clothing is not perfect? Why do you expect the interviewer to appoint you as a worker if you don’t have senses of how to dress according to the occasion/situation?

When I say to them that they should improve their dressing, then I get overloaded with questions like why I should listen to you. Well, I don’t want you to listen to me, I’m just going to point out a few reasons why you should dress up according to the situation for your own good, not me.


# 1 – Appearance Shows Your Expected Performance During The Work!

Well, if you are dressing t shirts while interview and wonder why the interviewer is staring at your dressing, then you are at a mistake. Because, no wonder that he is staring at you, as you are dressing as if you’re in some informal place with friends etc.

When you’re going to interview, you should make sure that your shirt color is dark enough, and your tie is according to your height. Shirt, tie and dress pant, these three things are more than important, and if you are lacking in these things, then don’t expect the interviewer to call you back!


# 2 –  Your Work Partners Will Like To Cooperate With You!

Now suppose that you’re already appointed as a worker, and you start dressing good clothes, it will lead you to make more relations with your co-workers and they’ll cooperate with you because every person likes to make a good friend which is good looking or look at-least reasonable.


# 3 – You Will Attract More Friends!

People will die hard to make friendship with you because you’d look a beautiful, good-looking and sensible person to them. It will lead to respectful life and therefore, your worries will start to disappear.

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